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2017 Postdocs at the Interface: Call for Proposals


Stanford ChEM-H is soliciting seed grant proposals from the Stanford community of postdoctoral researchers for exploratory projects that align with the Institute’s mission. Successful proposals will combine the complementary expertise of two or more postdoctoral researchers (including Ph.D. holders, M.D. residents and M.D. clinical fellows) who seek to collaboratively explore a potentially transformative new idea with the support of their mentors. Collaborations that bridge chemistry or engineering with the biomedical sciences or medicine are of particular interest to ChEM-H. Basic research and translational research proposals are welcome. You can read about previous funded projects here.


June 26, 2017 by 11:59 PM PT.


Each seed grant will provide $50K in direct cost funding for a one-year period. These funds may be used for salary, benefits, and/or laboratory supplies. ChEM-H will make up to four awards in 2017.


Proposals should involve collaborations between two or more postdoctoral researchers, medical residents, or clinical fellows with existing appointments at Stanford. The primary mentor for each co-applicant on a given proposal cannot be the same. Early-stage postdocs are encouraged to apply. Collaborations between postdoctoral fellows with Ph.D. and M.D. degrees are also highly encouraged.

Application Guidelines

Submit one PDF file containing the following in the order indicated below. All documents should be single spaced, Arial 11 point font with 1” margins.

1. Title page (1 page)

  • “Stanford ChEM-H 2017 Seed Grant Competition: Postdocs at the Interface”
  • Project Title
  • For each postdoctoral researcher:
    • Name, department, address, phone number, email address
    • PI name, title, & department

2. Proposal (4 pages max total)

  • Project narrative and figures that explain background and aims of the project. The narrative should explicitly describe a best-case outcome on a 6-12 month timescale (2 pages)
  • References (max 1 page)
  • A one-page statement on the roles/expertise of each co-applicant and how they combine to further the project goal (max 1 page)

3. Budget

4. NIH Format Biosketch for each postdoctoral researcher

5. A letter of support from the primary mentors of each of the co-applicants, guaranteeing availability of adequate facilities and supplementary research expense funds, should an award be made

You will also need to provide a 200-word project description aimed at a general audience as part of the application forms.

Submit proposals to Stanford ChEM-H through the SlideRoom portal found at:

Postdocs must apply in pairs, but only one person can formally submit the materials via the online portal. Please designate one person to submit the materials to avoid duplication.

* It is not necessary to generate a PDRF form or to submit the proposal to your institutional representative (RPM in RMB or OSR contract officer) at this time. Submit proposals directly to Stanford ChEM-H per these instructions.

Selection Process

Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty panel consisting of Stanford ChEM-H affiliated faculty and scored based on the originality and potential impact of the idea rather than the strength of the preliminary data. Preference will be given to proposals that yield resources or insights that will be of benefit to the broader Stanford research community and to proposals that truly cross disciplines.

Applications will be selected in August 2017 and funded effective September 1, 2017.


Dr. Katherine Alfieri
Stanford ChEM-H Program Manager