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CBI Group Photo, 2019

Who is ChEM-H?

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Carolyn Bertozzi

“ChEM-H is a hub of innovation that brings the power of diversity to improve human health: diversity of disciplines - life, physical and clinical sciences - and most importantly, diversity of people.” 

         Carolyn Bertozzi

Baker Family Director of Sarafan ChEM-H; Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Chemistry and HHMI Investigator


Undergrad Entrepreneurship team fight multidrug resistance in the lab
Photo of the CBI retreat




The heart of Sarafan ChEM-H is its research community—the faculty, staff, and trainees who solve the biggest problems in human health. Our researchers and clinicians bridge disciplines, pulling from specialized training in chemistry, engineering, biology, and medicine to form innovative and collaborative research programs. Our diverse faculty includes our Institute Scholars, hired by the Institute in conjunction with Stanford schools and departments, and affiliated Faculty Fellows.  

Central to the Sarafan ChEM-H mission is the education of a new type of researcher and future scientific leader who is fluent in multiple scientific languages to transform our approach to human health. Our undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral programs prepare our trainees to pioneer new basic science discoveries, develop breakthrough diagnostics and therapeutics, and revolutionize healthcare.