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Who is ChEM-H?

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“ChEM-H is a hub of innovation that brings the power of diversity to improve human health: diversity of disciplines - life, physical and clinical sciences - and most importantly, diversity of people.” 

Carolyn Bertozzi
Baker Family Director of Sarafan ChEM-H


The heart of Sarafan ChEM-H is its research community—the faculty, staff, and trainees who solve the biggest problems in human health. Learn more about them and explore our programs below.

Institute Scholars

Our diverse faculty includes our Institute Scholars, hired by the Institute in conjunction with Stanford schools and departments.

Faculty Fellows

Our diverse fellows help identify new initiatives, support existing initiatives, set strategic direction, and build bridges to their colleagues across schools, disciplines and programs.

Postdoctoral Scholars

We are building bridges across the postdoctoral scholar community in chemistry, engineering, and medicine to encourage the execution of innovative research aimed at addressing challenges in human health from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Postbac Scholars

Our mission is to diversify the pool of admitted students at the most competitive PhD programs. The Sarafan ChEM-H/IMA Postbaccalaureate Program in Target Discovery is a two-year, paid internship aimed at preparing recent college graduates to apply for PhD programs in the sciences. 

Graduate Students

We aim to educate a new generation of scientists from diverse backgrounds who will merge expertise in chemistry, biology, engineering, and clinical sciences to revolutionize how we understand and innovate in human health.

Undergrad Entrepreneurship team fight multidrug resistance in the lab

Undergraduate Students

Our undergraduate programs aim to educate a new type of researcher and future scientific leader who is fluent in multiple scientific languages to transform our approach to human health.