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Sarafan ChEM-H is committed to attracting the best and brightest molecular scientists to Stanford. We prioritize scientists who use the power of diversity - of scientific disciplines and of people - to improve human health.

Sarafan ChEM-H Institute Scholars are hired by the institute through broad area searches in conjunction with Stanford schools and departments. We focus on recruiting faculty who work at the interface of chemistry, engineering, and medicine and have a molecular research focus. Our Institute Scholars have been appointed into the schools of Engineering, Humanities & Sciences and Medicine and the majority have their primary research labs in the Sarafan ChEM-H Building within the ChEM-H / Neuro research complex.

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Laura Dassama

"I was always doing more biological work in a chemistry department, or the chemist in a more biological department. ChEM-H will feel like home, as no one here is a traditional chemist, biologist, or engineer."

Laura Dassama

Institute Scholar, Sarafan ChEM-H; Assistant Professor of Chemistry


“Being in ChEM-H is really going to change the way I do science.”

- Laura Dassama, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

“Coming to ChEM-H was one of the first times I felt that all of my colleagues were at these similarly interdisciplinary boundaries, and to me it felt like coming to my scientific home.”

- Polly Fordyce, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering and of Genetics

"This is a group of people who have been given an unusual mission, which is to find new ways of advancing medicine. Not just the incremental advances, but brand new things that are going to change the way medicine is done.”

- Michael Fischbach, Associate Professor of Bioengineering

“With a little bit of a background in chemistry and a background in biology, I felt like I was a misfit. I realized that’s how everyone in ChEM-H feels, which makes me feel more creative.”

- Lingyin Li, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry