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ChEM-H media coverage

Mar 27 2020 | Chemistry World
The flexible electronics maven talks about science’s biggest problem, orchids and Campbell’s chicken noodle soup
Mar 20 2020 | Carnegie Science
They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. But what about a real-time window into the complexity of the gastrointestinal system?
Mar 20 2020 | Medical News Today
Scientists have linked a missing gut microbe to ulcerative colitis, opening the door to a possible new treatment.
Feb 24 2020 | Nature Research Cancer Community
In her own words Chemistry/Biology Interface trainee Jackie Carozza, graduate student in the lab of Lingyin Li, tells the story of her bridging chemistry and biology to discover a new extracellular signaling role for cGAMP in charging the anti-cancer immune response.
Feb 11 2020 | HHMI
Scientists have found a new way to home in on the proteins covering a particular cell’s surface. The feat offers insight into how brain cells form intricate networks during development.
Nov 13 2019 | Chemical & Engineering News
The new material pairs strong electrical performance with controllable degradability
Oct 7 2019 | The Scientist
This is the first time sugars have been found connected to RNA molecules, suggesting a new role for RNA.
Sep 24 2019 | Nature
The tools of chemical biology, genomics and data mining can yield insights into the metabolites of the microbiome.
Sep 19 2019 | The Washington Post
There’s not much you can do to stop the common cold except wait it out. But a study published in Nature Microbiology may have lit the path to discovering a drug that can stop the virus in its tracks, scientists say.
Aug 13 2019 | SFist
Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff and his wife Lynn just announced a $35 million donation to research into the under-studied field of the human microbiome — specifically into research that could lead to new therapies for asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, and other ailments.
Aug 13 2019 | San Francisco Chronicle
A San Francisco billionaire has donated $35 million to Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco to enhance their study of the human microbiome.
Aug 13 2019 | Forbes
Billionaire Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and his wife, Lynne, announced a $35 million donation to a pair of Bay Area universities Tuesday that will go toward medical research involving the human microbiome, continuing the couple’s penchant for giving to institutions and causes around San Francisco,...
Aug 13 2019 | San Francisco Chronicle
On Tuesday, both UCSF and Stanford are introducing new research programs to study and harness the microbiome with $35 million in grants from Marc and Lynne Benioff — $25 million to UCSF and $10 million to Stanford.
May 28 2019 | PRWeb
Ten Researchers Selected to Receive $6M in Total Science Funding for Cutting-edge Research
May 14 2019 | Scientific American
Blocking an immune-related molecule lodged in blood vessels stops memory loss.
Apr 9 2019 | Timmerman Report
Carolyn Bertozzi on becoming a chemical biologist/glycobiologist, on The Long Run, a podcast with Luke Timmerman.
Apr 3 2019 | Fierce Biotech
A Stanford University team has found that CD22 is upregulated in aged microglia, and inhibiting it holds promise in treating neurodegenerative diseases.
Mar 28 2019 | Science Magazine
Recent research has helped reveal the role of long mysterious "tuft cells," cells that are found in the intestines, respiratory, and other parts of the body and have taste receptors much like those on your tongue.
Mar 6 2019 | Chemical & Engineering News
Drug companies want to use STING to fight cancer. New insights into the structure and activity of the protein could help that quest.


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