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ChEM-H media coverage

Mar 4 2019 | Stat News
ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Sam Gambhir discusses the future of precision medicine and his own lab's advances in creating a new model for noninvasive early cancer detection.
Feb 18 2019 | Chemical & Engineering News
In the last decade, many scientists, including Stanford ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Howard Chang, have contributed to our understanding of epitranscriptomics, the study of the small modifications on RNA that could have big implications for human health.
Dec 7 2018 | FierceBiotech
ChEM-H faculty fellow Justin Annes and his team take a step towards developing a new strategy for treating diabetes, selectively targeting insulin-producing beta cells by leveraging their affinity for zinc.
Oct 19 2018 | FierceBiotech
ChEM-H Institute Scholar Stanley Qi and his team developed a CRISPR gene-editing tool that allows them to move genetic snippets to different locations in the nucleus.
Oct 11 2018 | Science
ChEM-H Institute Scholar Stanley Qi is using a new CRISPR approach called CRISPR-GO to rearrange DNA in the nucleus.
Sep 6 2018 | Chemical and Engineering News
ChEM-H faculty fellows Noah Burns and Steve Boxer team up to study the peculiar natural products embedded in the membranes of ammonium-oxidizing bacteria.
Aug 1 2018 | The Scientist
The Scientist profiles ChEM-H faculty fellow Lucy Shapiro, who helped to found the field of systems biology.
Jul 31 2018 | The Naked Scientists
A magnetic wire in your blood could sweep up cancer particles and act as an early screening tool, according to ChEM-H faculty fellow Sam Gambhir.
Jun 13 2018 | McKnight Foundation
ChEM-H faculty fellow Brad Zuchero is one of six recipients of the 2018 McKnight Scholar Award. The award is granted to young scientists who are in the early stages of establishing their own independent laboratories and research careers and who have demonstrated a commitment to neuroscience.
Apr 26 2018 | The Outline
ChEM-H faculty fellow Purvesh Khatri's research reveals significant links between the environment, immune system, and aging.
Apr 2 2018 | The Mercury News
ChEM-H faculty fellow Christina Smolke's recent work engineering yeast to make complex medicines was covered by The Mercury News.
Mar 12 2018 | Biophysical Society
Anna Koster, the 2016 recipient of the Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship Affiliated with ChEM-H, was invited by the Biophysical Society to write about her biophysics research related to brain functioning. Anna is co-mentored by ChEM-H faculty fellow Justin Du Bois.
Feb 27 2018 | Medical News Today
ChEM-H director Chaitan Khosla's new research on celiac disease is highlighted in Medical News Today
Feb 23 2018 | Science Daily
ChEM-H director Chaitan Khosla and his team identified a chemical "switch" that could lead to a treatment for celiac disease.
Feb 1 2018 | The Mercury News
Romanian-born ChEM-H faculty fellow Sergiu Pasca has been awarded a 2018 Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise, which recognizes young immigrants who have made significant contributions to biomedical research in America.
Aug 16 2017 | FierceBiotech
Takeda's R&D shake-up continues to rumble on, with the Japanese drugmaker signing a wide-ranging deal that will see it work closely with researchers at Stanford University.
Aug 15 2017 | Biocentury
Stanford University and Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Tokyo:4502) are forming the Stanford Alliance for Innovative Medicines, or Stanford AIM, to accelerate commercialization of therapeutic discoveries made in the university's labs. ChEM-H will manage the initiative.
Aug 15 2017 | BusinessWire
Collaboration aims to transform novel, innovative Stanford research into next-generation treatments for disease
Jul 30 2017 | The Mercury News
Stanford ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Carolyn Bertozzi is part of a diverse team of researchers and clinicians tackling the rare genetic disorder NGLY1 Deficiency.
Jul 24 2017 | Rita Allen Foundation
ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Peter Kim discusses his career path and research interests as a Rita Allen Foundation Scholar.


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