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ChEM-H media coverage

Apr 2 2018 | The Mercury News
ChEM-H faculty fellow Christina Smolke's recent work engineering yeast to make complex medicines was covered by The Mercury News.
Mar 12 2018 | Biophysical Society
Anna Koster, the 2016 recipient of the Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship Affiliated with ChEM-H, was invited by the Biophysical Society to write about her biophysics research related to brain functioning. Anna is co-mentored by ChEM-H faculty fellow Justin Du Bois.
Feb 27 2018 | Medical News Today
ChEM-H director Chaitan Khosla's new research on celiac disease is highlighted in Medical News Today
Feb 23 2018 | Science Daily
ChEM-H director Chaitan Khosla and his team identified a chemical "switch" that could lead to a treatment for celiac disease.
Feb 1 2018 | The Mercury News
Romanian-born ChEM-H faculty fellow Sergiu Pasca has been awarded a 2018 Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise, which recognizes young immigrants who have made significant contributions to biomedical research in America.
Aug 16 2017 | FierceBiotech
Takeda's R&D shake-up continues to rumble on, with the Japanese drugmaker signing a wide-ranging deal that will see it work closely with researchers at Stanford University.
Aug 15 2017 | Biocentury
Stanford University and Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Tokyo:4502) are forming the Stanford Alliance for Innovative Medicines, or Stanford AIM, to accelerate commercialization of therapeutic discoveries made in the university's labs. ChEM-H will manage the initiative.
Aug 15 2017 | BusinessWire
Collaboration aims to transform novel, innovative Stanford research into next-generation treatments for disease
Jul 30 2017 | The Mercury News
Stanford ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Carolyn Bertozzi is part of a diverse team of researchers and clinicians tackling the rare genetic disorder NGLY1 Deficiency.
Jul 24 2017 | Rita Allen Foundation
ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Peter Kim discusses his career path and research interests as a Rita Allen Foundation Scholar.
May 22 2017 | Stanford Magazine
ChEM-H faculty fellow Polly Fordyce is working to span the chasm separating the worlds of bioengineering and biology.
Apr 26 2017 | NPR
Stanford ChEM-H faculty fellow Sergiu Pasca assembles working human forebrain circuits in a lab dish, providing hints about the origins of disorders like autism and epilepsy.
Apr 6 2017 | Washington Times
The National Institute on Drug Abuse announced Wednesday that it has awarded three scientists the Avant-Garde award for their HIV/AIDS prevention research, including ChEM-H faculty fellow Peter Kim.
Apr 5 2017 | NIH
ChEM-H faculty fellow Peter Kim receives a 2017 Avant-Garde Award from NIDA for his work on HIV.
Jan 7 2017 | NPR
NPR interviewed Mireille Kamariza, a graduate student in ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Carolyn Bertozzi's research group, about her journey from Burundi to graduate student at Stanford working on a promising new test to detect tuberculosis.
Nov 21 2016 | Chemical and Engineering News
ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Justin Du Bois develops asymmetric synthetic route to batrachotoxin, opens avenues for studying sodium channels
Nov 17 2016 | NPR
NPR interviewed ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Justin Du Bois about his efforts to synthesis a deadly poison from frogs to use as a tool to study pain.
Nov 15 2016 | American India Foundation
ChEM-H Undergraduate Scholar Aanchal Johri accepted the AIF-Stanford MedTech Award for Most Innovative Field-tested Prototype for a low cost paper-based centrifuge that she helped develop with postdoc mentor Saad Bhamla in the lab of ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Manu Prakash.
Sep 9 2016 | The Wire
Saad Bhamla, postdoc mentor in the ChEM-H Undergraduate Scholars Program, and his undergraduate researcher Aanchal Johri contributed to the development of a paper centrifuge inspired by a whirligig toy.
Aug 23 2016 | Science
Stanford ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Carolyn Bertozzi and colleagues presented work at the American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting in Philadelphia, PA on the development of a simple test to diagnose tuberculosis.


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