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ChEM-H media coverage

May 22 2017 | Stanford Magazine
ChEM-H faculty fellow Polly Fordyce is working to span the chasm separating the worlds of bioengineering and biology.
Apr 26 2017 | NPR
Stanford ChEM-H faculty fellow Sergiu Pasca assembles working human forebrain circuits in a lab dish, providing hints about the origins of disorders like autism and epilepsy.
Apr 6 2017 | Washington Times
The National Institute on Drug Abuse announced Wednesday that it has awarded three scientists the Avant-Garde award for their HIV/AIDS prevention research, including ChEM-H faculty fellow Peter Kim.
Apr 5 2017 | NIH
ChEM-H faculty fellow Peter Kim receives a 2017 Avant-Garde Award from NIDA for his work on HIV.
Jan 7 2017 | NPR
NPR interviewed Mireille Kamariza, a graduate student in ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Carolyn Bertozzi's research group, about her journey from Burundi to graduate student at Stanford working on a promising new test to detect tuberculosis.
Nov 21 2016 | Chemical and Engineering News
ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Justin Du Bois develops asymmetric synthetic route to batrachotoxin, opens avenues for studying sodium channels
Nov 17 2016 | NPR
NPR interviewed ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Justin Du Bois about his efforts to synthesis a deadly poison from frogs to use as a tool to study pain.
Nov 15 2016 | American India Foundation
ChEM-H Undergraduate Scholar Aanchal Johri accepted the AIF-Stanford MedTech Award for Most Innovative Field-tested Prototype for a low cost paper-based centrifuge that she helped develop with postdoc mentor Saad Bhamla in the lab of ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Manu Prakash.
Sep 9 2016 | The Wire
Saad Bhamla, postdoc mentor in the ChEM-H Undergraduate Scholars Program, and his undergraduate researcher Aanchal Johri contributed to the development of a paper centrifuge inspired by a whirligig toy.
Aug 23 2016 | Science
Stanford ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Carolyn Bertozzi and colleagues presented work at the American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting in Philadelphia, PA on the development of a simple test to diagnose tuberculosis.
Aug 10 2016 | NPR
NPR interviewed ChEM-H ungraduate students who have started a company to tackle antibiotic resistant bacteria. 
Aug 7 2016 | StartupBank
Stanford ChEM-H Entrepreneurship students have created a startup to tackle antibiotic resistant bacteria. 
Jul 27 2016 | Scope blog
Shan Wang developed a new technique for measuring protein interactions, and in the process uncovered a novel interaction that could lead to immunotherapy drugs to treat cancer. 
Jun 20 2016 | The Economic Times
Jennifer Cochran worked with the ChEM-H Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge Center to develop a novel approach to treating cancer. 
Jun 9 2016 | The Pew Charitable Trusts
ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Lei Stanley Qi named Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences, a prestigious award for early-career scientists.
May 2 2016 | Science Alert
ChEM-H faculty fellows Chaitan Khosla, Michael Bassik, and others from the ViRx@Stanford team identified a previously abandoned drug that is effective against two human viruses.
Feb 19 2016 | Stanford Medicine
ChEM-H fellows Christina Smolke and Elizabeth Sattely investigate engineering organisms to produce drugs.
Feb 9 2016 | Scope blog
Peter Kim discusses why he thinks he’ll succeed where so many have failed in their efforts to develop an HIV vaccine, and the importance of working across disciplines.
Feb 8 2016 | National Academy of Engineering
The National Academy of Engineering announced ChEM-H faculty fellow Peter Kim as a newly elected member.
Jan 26 2016 | Science Daily
ChEM-H fellow Matthew Bogyo reviews optical probes that light up cancer cells, which are meant to improve tumor removal.


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