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IBIIS & AIMI Seminar 'Measuring Learning Gains in Man-Machine Assemblage When Augmenting Radiology Work with Artificial Intelligence': Dr. Judy Gichoya, Emory University

September 16, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Research Seminar



The work setting of the future presents an opportunity for human-technology partnerships, where a harmonious connection between human-technology produces unprecedented productivity gains. A conundrum at this human-technology frontier remains - will humans be augmented by technology or will technology be augmented by humans? We present our work on overcoming the conundrum of human and machine as separate entities and instead, treats them as an assemblage. As groundwork for the harmonious human-technology connection, this assemblage needs to learn to fit synergistically. This learning is called assemblage learning and it will be important for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in health care, where diagnostic and treatment decisions augmented by AI will have a direct and significant impact on patient care and outcomes. We describe how learning can be shared between assemblages, such that collective swarms of connected assemblages can be created. Our work is to demonstrate a symbiotic learning assemblage, such that envisioned productivity gains from AI can be achieved without loss of human jobs. 

Specifically, we are evaluating the following research questions: Q1: How to develop assemblages, such that human-technology partnerships produce a "good fit" for visually based cognition-oriented tasks in radiology? Q2: What level of training should pre-exist in the individual human (radiologist) and independent machine learning model for human-technology partnerships to thrive? Q3: Which aspects and to what extent does an assemblage learning approach lead to reduced errors, improved accuracy, faster turn-around times, reduced fatigue, improved self-efficacy, and resilience? 



Judy Gichoya, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Interventional Radiology & Informatics 

Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences

Emory University

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Department of Radiology, Stanford Medicine
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