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Revolutionizing discovery together - Informational seminar on assay reagents

Hosted by Dr. Bruce Koch, Stanford University

Revvity Lunch and Learn

Event Details:

Tuesday, October 10, 2023
12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT


Stanford University ChEM-H Neuroscience Building (Conference Room 153)

Register here:

We’re excited to introduce you to Revvity and demonstrate how we’re expanding the boundaries of human potential through science.

Stanford Host: Bruce Koch, Ph.D., Director, Sarafan ChEM-H/CSB High Throughput Screening Knowledge Center (HTSKC)

Your drug discovery reagent team:

 Lunch and learn agenda:

  • Drug Discovery Reagents –Overview of no-wash immunoassays (Alpha and HTRF) technologies. Our assays can provide high throughput, wide dynamic range, improved sensitivity, and reduced background for your discovery! 
  • We will also discuss: 
    • Cytokine detection kits in Neurobiology and Oncology
    • Toolbox Reagents to develop Protein-Protein Interaction assays
    • cAMP detection and Receptor binding assays

Lunch will be provided.

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