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Stanford AIMI and Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein's COVID-19 Researchathon Pre-hack Social

May 22, 2020 - 4:00pm

We would like to invite you to the COVID-19 Researchathon organized by Stanford AIMI and Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. We arranged the schedule of the hackathon, collected datasets for addressing important problems, and invited outstanding keynote speakers. You can find more details in the attached flyer.


Please register for the event here.


The researchathon will have two main mandatory components, a pre-hack social with invited keynote speakers and opportunities to mingle, as well as the main researchathon event to work on your projects. We also have sourced datasets for you to work on that we will share during the social.

Pre-hack social: Friday, 05/22, 4pm PST
Researchathon: Friday - Sunday, 06/05 - 06/07


This event is remote using Zoom and Slack.



- Akshay Chaudhari, Joy Hsu, Lukasz Kidzinski, Serena Yeung

Event Sponsor: 
Stanford AIMI and Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein