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Curt Fischer

Curt Fischer, Ph.D.

Dr. Curt Fischer joined Stanford ChEM-H and Stanford’s Genome Technology Center in 2015 as a research engineer and now serves as the Head of the Metabolic Chemistry Analysis Center. Dr. Fischer is a biochemical engineer who specializes in the analysis of metabolism. He has applied mass-spectrometry-based metabolomics and proteomics techniques to human gut microbes, extremopholic microbial communities, plant tissues, and clinical samples. Dr. Fischer earned a Ph.D. from MIT in 2009, and from 2009 to 2010 was a post-doctoral scholar at UC Berkeley. In 2011, he joined Ginkgo Bioworks as their 2nd full-time hire, and worked on a variety of publicly and privately funded projects in synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, and metabolomics.

Lalla Fall, M.S.

Lalla Fall joined the Metabolic Chemistry Analysis Center in January 2016. Prior to coming to Stanford, Ms. Fall obtained her M.S. and B.S. degrees in biochemistry from California State University – East Bay. Her prior research experience focused on the purification and characterization of polyphenol oxidase from hybrid poplar leaves for bioremediation purposes.