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Eight proposals awarded seed grant funding

Stanford ChEM-H has funded eight new Seed grants to faculty members and postdoctoral scholars who are applying chemical knowledge to research to improve human health.


The Biomaterials awards went to faculty members who are interested in the design, engineering, and testing of new materials for applications in biology and medicine. These biomaterials are expected to broadly impact biological science. The recipients are:

  • Ngan Huang, Cardiothoracic Surgery; Sarah Heilshorn, Materials Science & Engineering
  • Fan Yan, Bioengineering & Orthopedic Surgery; Stuart Goodman, Orthopedic Surgery

Chemistry-Human biology interface

Six additional awards went to faculty or postdoctoral fellows pursuing a potentially transformative new idea at the interface of chemistry and human biology.

The recipients are:

Faculty track

  • Anson Lowe, Medicine; Mark Smith, ChEM-H Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge Center
  • Todd Martinez, Chemistry; Michael Lin, Pediatrics & Bioengineering; Vijay Pande, Chemistry, Structural Biology, & Computer Science
  • Guillem Pratz, Radiation Oncology; Sindy Tang, Mechanical Engineering

Postdoctoral track

  • Soham Chanda. mentors:
    • Thomas Südhof, Molecular and Cellular Physiology and HHMI; Marius Wernig, Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and Pathology
  • David Hewings, mentors:
    • Eric Kool, Chemistry; Ash Alizadeh, Oncology & Hematology
  • Nathan Hohman, mentors:
    • Nicholas Melosh, Materials Science and Engineering; Craig Garner, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences