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Jennifer Cochran: Guided missiles target cancer

New methods may aid us in treating cancer with greater precision and fewer side-effects.

Drea Sullivan

Stanford’s Russ Altman and Jennifer Cochran examine the “renaissance” in cancer treatment that uses biochemical “guided missiles” to target malignant cells in the body.

​By Stanford Engineering Staff

For years, cancer treatment was confined to three flawed strategies. You could cut it out with a scalpel, you could burn it out with radiation, or you could kill it with chemicals. “Today, we are amid a renaissance in cancer treatment,” says Stanford bioengineer Jennifer Cochran. “We are creating designer proteins and using them to deliver drugs or to harness the immune system to help stop this killer dead in its tracks.”

On this episode of The Future of Everything radio show, Cochran and host, fellow bioengineer Russ Altman, explore the very latest in the science of cancer treatment.