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We're hiring!

Join the ChEM-H team! Learn more about open staff opportunities below.

Director of Preclinical Pharmacology

Stanford Innovative Medicines Accelerator (IMA) is seeking a Director of Preclinical Pharmacology who will play a critical role in enabling in vitro and in vivo pharmacology for therapeutics from spanning multiple treatment modalities and therapeutic areas. Candidates must have extensive relevant industrial experience including evidence for scientific leadership in the design and execution of complex studies aimed at nonclinical testing of therapeutically relevant hypotheses in biochemical, cellular and animal models of disease.

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High-content Imaging Scientist

The Sarafan ChEM-H/CSB High-Throughput Screening Knowledge Center is seeking a High-content Imaging Scientist (Science and Engineering Associate 2) to join our team. We screen large compound libraries to identify chemical leads for the Innovative Medicines Accelerator and for chemical biology projects. The position will provide molecular and cellular biology and imaging expertise to collaboratively develop and implement HTS cell-based screens. The qualified candidate will have extensive experience in cell line development. Several years of experience in high-content imaging and image analysis. Experience with high-content imaging (Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro Confocal, or similar instrument) and teaching is strongly desired.

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Research Associate, Medicinal Chemistry

The Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge Center at Stanford ChEM-H is seeking a Research Associate to join our team exploring a wide variety of small molecule therapeutics. You will perform and support complex lab experiments working to support various research projects.  Your work will focus primarily on the synthesis of small molecules for biochemical and biological evaluation. This work will contribute to several projects ongoing in the lab that are focused on developing novel therapeutics as part of Stanford’s Innovative Medicines Accelerator. 

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Research and Laboratory Assistant, Protein Engineering

The Sarafan ChEM-H Knowledge Centers and Stanford Innovative Medicines Accelerator are seeking a highly motivated Research Assistant. The laboratory focuses on the development of novel protein prototypes for a variety of therapies. The Research and Laboratory Assistant will be responsible for the management and optimization of our laboratory workflows and processes. They will contribute to several projects ongoing in the lab that are focused on developing novel protein platforms for a variety of applications.

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Research Scientist, Metabolomics

The Sarafan ChEM-H Metabolomics Knowledge Center is seeking a highly motivated scientist to join our team supporting and collaborating on a wide range of metabolomics, lipidomics and drug discovery projects.  The ideal candidate will have a strong analytical background in chromatography separation and mass spectrometry with focus on metabolomics, lipidomics and other small molecule applications. 

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Scientific Program Manager, Cell and Gene Therapies

Stanford Innovative Medicines Accelerator (IMA) is seeking a highly motivated scientist to serve as the Scientific Program Manager, Cell and Gene Therapies. The Scientific Program Manager will play a critical role in enabling projects at multiple stages of the translational pipeline, helping to advance new medicines from prototyping through IND and manufacturing and into proof-of-concept clinical trials. Candidates should have a scientific background, a general familiarity with the process of drug discovery and development, and excellent time management and organizational skills. 

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