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Sarafan ChEM-H Image Contest

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We are seeking images (photos, illustrations, digital creations, etc.) that you’ve collected as part of your research, new perspectives of familiar places in and around the lab, something accidentally beautiful you captured, or anything that embodies the diversity of science and people in Sarafan ChEM-H! The sky's the limit as long as your image is connected to Sarafan ChEM-H. Collaboration is encouraged. 

Submit your entry here: 

Submission deadline: March 31, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. PST

Note: Submissions could be featured in various digital and print collateral (the artist will be credited in all instances). Please read the terms and conditions in the Copyright section for more information.


Open to all undergrads, graduate students, postbacs, postdocs, staff, and faculty affiliated with Sarafan ChEM-H. This includes anyone: in any of the Sarafan ChEM-H training programs; in the lab of a Sarafan ChEM-H Institute Scholar or Faculty Fellow; participating in Sarafan ChEM-H-funded research; or collaborating with or working in a Knowledge Center.

Submission requirements

Image file: Please submit a high resolution image of at least 300 dpi or higher as a TIFF, JPEG, or PNG 

Image title: Please include an image title of 10 words or fewer.

Caption: Please include an image caption that includes the appropriate image credit in the caption. 50 words or fewer. For example: A cartoon representation of the LysoTAG method, which allows scientists to isolate the lysosomes (left) of any cell in a mouse to analyze and identify using mass spectrometry (right) all the molecules inside them. (Image credit: Cindy Lin)

Description: Include a lay summary of your image and the underlying science or story in 200 words or less. 


A review committee will evaluate submissions for artistic value and connection to the Sarafan ChEM-H research and training mission. 

The winner will be awarded a personal print of their artwork, Sarafan ChEM-H swag, and an Amazon gift card. The runners up will receive personal print copies of their images and Sarafan ChEM-H swag. In addition, all winning images will be exhibited in the ChEM-H building.


You agree to the Terms and Conditions on Stanford University’s release form by submitting your image to this contest.  

*Please understand that this does not require you to give your ideas or copyright to Stanford University. If you plan to use your image somewhere else, there is certainly nothing that would keep you from that engagement and you will retain all your intellectual property rights to your submission.


Contact Rebecca McClellan, PhD, Scientific Program Manager at and Keerthi Sudevan, Editorial Project Manager at