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Postdocs at the Interface Seed Grant

Subhamoy Das Vijaya Lakshmi Kanchustambham, Postdocs at the Interface 2018 awardees

Since 2015, ChEM-H has funded 17 collaborative postdoc projects as part of the Postdocs at the Interface seed grant program. Through this funding mechanism, ChEM-H seeks to support new, original research projects that combine the complementary expertise of two or more postdoctoral researchers (including Ph.D. holders, M.D. residents and M.D. clinical fellows). Collaborations that bridge chemistry or engineering with the biomedical sciences or medicine are of particular interest to ChEM-H. Basic research and translational research proposals are welcome. The application open period is typically during late spring/early summer. Read about past winners at the link.

Applications are now open for the 2020 Postdocs at the Interface Seed Grant Competition. Learn more and apply here.

Postdocs at the Interface in the News

Stanford researchers create a wireless, battery-free, biodegradable blood flow sensor

Funding from Stanford ChEM-H led Stanford engineers and medical researchers to build a way to wirelessly monitor blood flow after surgery.