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Knowledge Centers

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What are Knowledge Centers?

The Knowledge Centers at Sarafan ChEM-H are built for the future of scientific research. These labs are a new kind of shared resource, staffed by scientific experts who offer unique advice and are filled with cutting-edge instrumentation. They help Stanford researchers learn new techniques and lead collaborations to make transformational research a reality. Learn more about the services offered and opportunities to collaborate below.


Macromolecular Structure

A main gateway for Stanford faculty and students interested to study biological molecules using SLAC X-ray facilities and other major bioimaging facilities.

Medicinal Chemistry

Aims to help biologists and clinicians to incorporate medicinal chemistry into their ongoing research endeavors.


Provides scientific expertise and instrumentation for the measurement of small molecules such as metabolites and lipids.

Protein Engineering

Brings therapeutic protein discovery and development to Stanford researchers to help turn more discoveries into real therapeutics.