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Macromolecular Structure

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The Macromolecular Structure Knowledge Center (MSKC) was jointly established by Sarafan ChEM-H, the School of Engineering and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to facilitate Stanford researchers' use of major instruments for various techniques in spectroscopy, bioimaging, crystallography, and scattering and diffraction available at SSRLS2C2 and LCLS for the analysis of macromolecular structure and function. 

MSKC is a main gateway for Stanford faculty and students interested to study biological molecules using SLAC X-ray facilities and other major bioimaging facilities. 

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For more information, contact Dr. Daniel Fernandez (Co-Director, Macromolecular Structure Knowledge Center) at


The MSKC staff is available for training and consultation for all aspects of protein production from construct design to protein expression and purification, and structural analysis from design of crystallization experiments to data collection, structure determination and refinement, and validation and deposit of full three-dimensional structures.


The center offers a range of equipment and laboratory materials.

Protein Expression 

Plate incubators, shaker incubators, tissue culture room with controlled temperature and gasses, laminar flow hood, superspeed centrifuges, ultrasonic cell dismembrator

Protein purification and analysis 

GE Akta Pure FPLC, Labconco 6L lyophilizer, SDS-PAGE electrophoresis apparatus, Amersham 600 gel imager, Bio-Rad CFX96 RT-PCR

Protein crystallization

Douglas Oryx8 crystallization station, Robbins Scorpion liquid handling robot, Formulatrix RockImager2 UV-Vis plate imager, steady temperature crystal tray incubators, Zeiss Discovery V12 optical microscope, various crystal mounting and manipulating tools