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Medicinal Chemistry

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The Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge Center (MCKC) aims to help biologists and clinicians at Stanford to incorporate medicinal chemistry into their ongoing research endeavors. Currently, the MCKC collaborates on a number of projects ranging from hit to lead all the way through to drug prototype optimization.  In addition, the MCKC works on chemical probes for biological pathways as well as supporting small molecule custom synthesis.

Located in the Knowledge Center Suite in the ChEM-H building, the MCKC is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to support synthesis, purification and analysis of small molecules. All data generated in the MCKC is captured, queried and visualized using the Dotmatics drug discovery platform. Molecular modeling is performed using Schrödinger’s Maestro platform.

Visit the MCKC website


For more information about collaborating with the MCKC, visit the MCKC website or contact Dr. Mark Smith (head, Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge Center) at


The key equipment in the MCKC is:

  • Büchi R300 rotary evaporators 
  • Biotage Select flash purification systems
  • Biotage V-10 Touch advanced evaporation system
  • Agilent LC/MS iQ
  • Brucker Neo 500 MHz NMR spectrometer