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Frequently Asked Questions

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Postbac Interns 

Q. I have never worked in a research lab before. Am I eligible?
A. Yes! This program is specifically designed to introduce interns to full-time research.

Q. I'm passionate about diversity but I haven't engaged in anything formal in that space. What can I write in my Diversity Statement?
A. We know there are many ways to demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Some examples of what we might expect to see in such a statement are: your own identity and experience as a member of a historically excluded and/or under-represented group, your participation in programming, organizations, or activities aimed at advancing DEI, and/or your personal DEI philosophy among other things. 

Q. Will I get to meet my mentor before I start?
A. We plan on conducting a process of matching trainees with mentors during the summer. We will provide more details about what this will look like later in the process.

Q. Will I get to choose what project I work on?
A. We will do our best to honor your research preferences what making matches between trainees and lab mentors. 

Q. Will I be required to take classes?
A. No. Since the postbac trainees are not students, you will not be a matriculated student and will not be able to enroll in Stanford classes. The program will consist of workshops in addition to working in the lab.

Q. How do I find a faculty mentor that might interest me?
A. If you are interested in learning more about the kinds of research happening in ChEM-H labs, go to our faculty page and click on each faculty member to learn more.

Still have questions? Contact Bria Castellano, Lynette Haberman and the ChEM-H/IMA Postbac Team (


Q. I might graduate in a year but I would love to participate. Do I have to commit to two years of mentoring?
A. Primary mentors are required to commit to one year of mentoring. The PI must agree to identify a new primary mentor in the lab if the primary mentor leaves the lab after the first year.

Q. I am a grad student interested in being a mentor. Does my PI/advisor have to submit a separate application?
A. We ask the PI and primary mentor to collaborate on a single application. Both the PI and primary are required to submit a Mentorship Philosophy and a Commitment to Diversity statement, and PI must write a Letter of Recommendation for the primary mentor. The primary mentor and PI should submit just one Research Proposal.

Still have questions? Contact Bria Castellano, Lynette Haberman and the ChEM-H/IMA Postbac Team (