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Funded Projects

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Xenos Therapeutics: Novel antifungal treatment

Team Members:

Charlotte Bravo, Alexandra Lee, Andrew Yang, Martin Hoberman

Anaerobiome: Novel chronic constipation treatments

Team Members:

Scott Buzard, Arvie Violette, Flynn Traeger, Henry Stewart

Sphingx Therapeutics

Team Members:

Ryan Brennan, Joshua Chan, Streya Garg

Tremsara: Novel treatment for ovarian cancer

Team Members:

Cesar Armas, Karen Chen, Philip Ipock

Team TREMSARA in the News

Entrepreneurial undergrads tackle ovarian cancer

Raptor Therapeutics: Novel treatment for degenerative retinal disease

Team Members:

Harshu Musunuri, Susanna Bradbury, Catherine Wang

Vyro: Novel treatment for HPV

Team Members

Yong-hun Kim (B.S. Computer Science, 2019; M.S. Biomedical Informatics, 2020), Christine Yang (B.S. Mathematical and Computations Science, 2021), Maria Surez-Nieto (B.S. Cellular and Molecular Biology, 2021)

Team VYRO in the News

Team of undergraduates wins grant to develop a new path toward HPV treatment

Students in the Sarafan ChEM-H undergraduate entrepreneurship program have been awarded a grant to pursue their idea for a new biotechnology company.

Boronix: Novel cancer therapeutic

Team Members

Steven Cheng (B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2019), Persiana Saffari (B.S. Electrical Engineering, 2019), Taylor Sihavong (B.S. Engineering Product Design, 2018), Benjamin Yeh (B.S. Bionegineering, 2018)

Synthecin: Novel antibiotic for drug-resistant bacteria

Team Members

Michael Becich (B.S. Bioengineering, 2018), Alicia D'Souza (B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2019), Javarcia Ivory (B.S. Biology, 2019), Natalie Ng (B.S. Applied and Engineering Physics, 2018) 

Ubiquina: Novel treatment for proteopathic diseases

Team Members

Michaela Hinks (B.S. Bioengineering, 2017), Luciano Santollani (B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2018), Kirsten Thompson (B.S. Bioengineering, 2017; M.S. Biology, 2018)

Lyseia: Novel antibiotic for drug-resistant bacteria

Team Members

Christian Choe (B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2017; M.S. Electrical Engineering, 2017), Maria Filsinger Interrante (B.S. Bioengineering, 2016), Zachary Rosenthal (B.S. Chemistry, 2017), Catherynn Vuong (B.S. Biology, 2016)

Team LYSEIA in the News

Stanford undergrads win Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for work combating antibiotic resistance

A team of Sarafan ChEM-H undergraduates won a national prize for their work developing a new antibiotic to combat the growing threat of multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Team LYSEIA in the News

Stanford undergrads cook up a biotech startup to develop new antibiotics for drug-resistant superbugs

Stanford undergraduates receive a grant from ChEM-H to develop and test new antibiotics.

Team LYSEIA in the News

Young Inventors Work On Secret Proteins To Thwart Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

NPR interviewed ChEM-H undergraduate students who have started a company to tackle antibiotic resistant bacteria.