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Recipients of the Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship Affiliated with ChEM-H announced

This year, ChEM-H named one new doctoral fellow and one honorary fellow.

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Digging into the genetic recipe book

ChEM-H faculty fellow Polly Fordyce discusses her recent paper published in PNAS. Co-authors include ChEM-H postdoc mentor and undergraduate scholar pair, Daniel Le and Allison Keys, and CBI graduate student, Arjun Aditham.

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Carolyn Bertozzi elected to Royal Society

Stanford ChEM-H co-director Carolyn Bertozzi has been elected as one of this year’s ten new Foreign Members to the Royal Society for her pioneering work in the field of bioorthogonal chemistry.

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Looking for an off switch for celiac disease

Stanford ChEM-H co-director Chaitan Khosla's new research on celiac disease is highlighted in Science Daily.

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A new kind of homing beacon targets cancerous cells and other diseases

Stanford ChEM-H faculty fellow Stanley Qi and his team used gene-editing techniques to create human immune cells that target and kill cancerous cells, such as leukemia. The approach could be adapted to an array of diseases ranging from solid tumors to neurological and autoimmune disorders.

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Stanford and Takeda Pharmaceuticals to collaborate on medicines of the future

Stanford and Takeda Pharmaceuticals have formed the Alliance for Innovative Medicines, which will help transform Stanford research into next-generation treatments for disease. Stanford ChEM-H will manage the new collaborative program.

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Faculty hires

Stanford ChEM-H is hiring new faculty whose research bridges chemistry, engineering and medicine to build a community of scientists who will drive the engineering of molecules, materials, and measurement tools that help understand humans and treat disease. 

Jonathan Long

Jonathan Long joined  Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of pathology

Michael Fischbach

Michael Fischbach joined  Stanford ChEM-H as associate professor of bioengineering

Lingyin Li

Lingyin Li joined  Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of biochemistry

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Lei Stanley Qi

Lei Stanley Qi joined Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of bioengineering and of chemical and systems biology

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Polly Fordyce

Polly Fordyce joined Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of genetics.


Carolyn Bertozzi

Carolyn Bertozzi joined Stanford ChEM-H as professor of chemistry and, by courtesy, of chemical and systems biology.

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Peter Kim

Peter Kim joined Stanford ChEM-H as professor of biochemistry

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