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New life for discarded drug

A team of ChEM-H fellows have resurrected a discarded drug that helps human cells in a lab dish fight off two different viruses. Based on what they learned about how the drug works, it might also help fight the viruses that cause Ebola, dengue and Zika, among others.

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The powerhouse behind Stanford’s global cancer effort

ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Ami Bhatt is mobilizing Stanford experts to fight the growing threat of cancer in the developing world.

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Stanford chemists develop an ultra-sensitive test for cancers and HIV

ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Carolyn Bertozzi has developed a new diagnostics tool with broad applicability.

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Researchers create compound that combats drug-resistant malaria parasites

ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Matthew Bogyo has designed a compound that targets the malaria parasite in human cells without harming human tissue.

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Work of ChEM-H Faculty Fellow Stanley Qi Profiled in "The Atlantic"

Stanley Qi is gaining attention for his work to modify the popular gene-editing enzyme CRISPR. The modified enzyme is a powerful tool to study and modulate gene function with novel therapeutic potential.

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$28 million grant launches Center of Excellence for Translation Research

Jeffrey Glenn will lead a new center to develop new anti-viral therapies that target the host rather than the infection. The center will collaborate with ChEM-H as well as other Stanford institutes.  

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Stanford ChEM-H: Chemistry, Engineering & Medicine for Human Health

ChEM-H Director Chaitan Khosla discusses ChEM-H, his goals for the institute and the challenge of bridging the worlds of chemistry and biology.

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Faculty hires

Lingyin Li

Lingyin Li to join Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of biochemistry

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Lei Stanley Qi

Lei Stanley Qi joined Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of bioengineering and of chemical and systems biology

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Polly Fordyce

Polly Fordyce joined Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of genetics.


Carolyn Bertozzi

Carolyn Bertozzi joined Stanford ChEM-H as professor of chemistry and, by courtesy, of chemical and systems biology.

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Peter Kim

Peter Kim joined Stanford ChEM-H as professor of biochemistry

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