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Open Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC2) Position

The ChEM-H Clinical Research Coordinator will help basic scientists and engineers collaborate with clinicians to conduct human subjects research.

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2019 Stanford ChEM-H Undergraduate Scholars selected

Seven new Stanford sophomores have been named Stanford ChEM-H Undergraduate Scholars. The students will begin a year-long research training program in January 2019, mentored by postdoctoral scholars in host labs.

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Stanford Medicine Alumni Awards 2018: Peter Kim

Colleagues reflect on the contributions of Stanford ChEM-H Institute Scholar Peter Kim, recipient of the 2018 Arthur Kornberg and Paul Berg Lifetime Achievement Award in Biomedical Sciences.

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Pursuing the innate immune system with Lingyin Li

Institute Scholar Lingyin Li answers some questions about what brought her to ChEM-H, who her role models were growing up, and why she is so fascinated by the innate immune system, a “chemist’s playground.”

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A new gene-editing technique could target, move and relocate DNA

ChEM-H Institute Scholar Stanley Qi and his team have reworked CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technology to manipulate the genome in three-dimensional space, allowing them to ferry genetic snippets to different locations in a cell’s nucleus.

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Chemist Carolyn Bertozzi on bridging chemistry and medicine

As chemist Carolyn Bertozzi takes on a new role as Baker Family Co-Director, Stanford ChEM-H, she talks about bridging gaps between chemistry research and medical practice and preparing graduate students for the future.

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The doctor is in...your gut

Bacteria are chemists, too. Stanford ChEM-H Institute Scholar Michael Fischbach is exploring the molecules our gut bacteria produce to better understand how they affect our health.

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Stanford ChEM-H awards four new "Postdocs at the Interface" seed grants

Successful proposals combined the complementary expertise of two or more postdoctoral researchers seeking to collaboratively explore a potentially transformative new idea with the support of their mentors.

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Faculty hires

Stanford ChEM-H is hiring new faculty whose research bridges chemistry, engineering and medicine to build a community of scientists who will drive the engineering of molecules, materials, and measurement tools that help understand humans and treat disease. 

Laura Dassama

Laura Dassama joined Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of chemistry

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Jonathan Long

Jonathan Long joined  Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of pathology

Michael Fischbach

Michael Fischbach joined  Stanford ChEM-H as associate professor of bioengineering

Lingyin Li

Lingyin Li joined  Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of biochemistry

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Lei Stanley Qi

Lei Stanley Qi joined Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of bioengineering and of chemical and systems biology

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Polly Fordyce

Polly Fordyce joined Stanford ChEM-H as assistant professor of genetics.


Carolyn Bertozzi

Carolyn Bertozzi joined Stanford ChEM-H as professor of chemistry and, by courtesy, of chemical and systems biology.

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Peter Kim

Peter Kim joined Stanford ChEM-H as professor of biochemistry

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