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Welcome to Sarafan ChEM-H

Bridging chemistry, engineering, biology, and medicine to improve human health

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What is Sarafan ChEM-H?

Transforming research

The Knowledge Centers are shared resources that allow more labs to advance their research goals

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Transforming human health

Faculty at Sarafan ChEM-H lead labs that tackle big problems in human health, like cancer, aging, and infectious disease

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Transforming training

The next generation of scientific leaders need a new kind of scientific training

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Why diversity is our mission

ChEM-H is a hub of innovation that brings the power of diversity to improve human health: diversity of disciplines - life, physical and clinical sciences - and most importantly, diversity of people.

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Join one of the most dynamic institutes on campus. ChEM-H builds on Stanford's extraordinary talent in the Schools of Humanities & Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to explore this new frontier at the interface of chemistry and human biology.

Our impact in action

Stanford Innovative Medicines Accelerator (IMA)

The Innovative Medicines Accelerator (IMA), a Sarafan ChEM-H partnership with Stanford Medicine, was established to help translate promising Stanford discoveries into new medicines for patients.

Microbiome Therapies Initiative (MITI)

A partnership between Sarafan ChEM-H and the Department of Bioengineering, MITI was established in 2019 with an ambitious goal: learn how to change the genetics and the composition of the complex bacterial communities in our gut and on our skin.