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Building the future of human health research

Sarafan ChEM-H brings together chemists, engineers, biologists, and clinicians to understand life at a molecular level and apply that knowledge to improve human health. ChEM-H builds on Stanford’s extraordinary talent in the Schools of Humanities & Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, as well as its proximity to the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, to explore this new frontier at the interface of chemistry and human biology.


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What we do

Invest in People

Our research community—the faculty, staff, and trainees—solve the biggest problems in human health. 

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Train future scientific leaders

We educate future scientific leaders, who are fluent in multiple scientific languages, to transform human health.

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Provide interdisciplinary labs

Our Knowledge Centers provide cutting-edge technology and training to make transformational research a reality.

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“ChEM-H is a hub of innovation that brings the power of diversity to improve human health: diversity of disciplines - life, physical and clinical sciences - and most importantly, diversity of people.” 

- Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Baker Family Director of Sarafan ChEM-H; Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Chemistry and HHMI Investigator; and 2022 Nobel laureate in Chemistry


If you are a Stanford faculty member, undergrad, grad student, or postdoc working at the interface of chemistry, biology, engineering, and medicine, there are many ways to join the Sarafan ChEM-H community.