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Undergrads at Sarafan ChEM-H

Sarafan ChEM-H introduces undergraduate students to interdisciplinary, independent research and prepares them to be future leaders in solving the biggest problems in human health.

Undergraduate Programs

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Sarafan ChEM-H aims to educate a new generation of scientists from diverse backgrounds who will merge expertise in chemistry, biology, engineering, and clinical sciences to revolutionize how we understand and innovate in human health. 

Anthony Flores
Photo of Monica Olcina and Ryan Kim




  • The Undergraduate Scholars Program provides interdisciplinary research experience to sophomore undergraduates in the engineering, physical science, or life science fields. Participating students gain depth in a research area complementary to their chosen or intended major.
  • The Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program helps undergraduate students understand how their knowledge of chemistry and biology can enable the discovery and development of therapeutic products for unmet clinical needs. Participating students work in teams to develop a technical and business plan for a new biotechnology company and are mentored by academic scientists, biotechnology professionals, and entrepreneurs.

ChEM-H Undergrads in the News

Anthony Flores on jumping into research and hoping for a place to land

ChEM-H Undergrad Scholar and graduating senior Anthony Flores talks to us about jumping into research, directed evolution, and important mentors from his Stanford career.

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