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Postdocs at Sarafan ChEM-H

The ChEM-H postdoctoral scholar community encourages innovative research addressing challenges in human health from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Postdoc Programs

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Sarafan ChEM-H is building bridges across the postdoctoral scholar community in chemistry, engineering, and medicine to encourage the execution of innovative research aimed at addressing challenges in human health from a multi-disciplinary perspective.




  • Postdocs at the Interface Seed Grants, awarded each year, fund original research projects that combine the complementary expertise of two or more postdoctoral researchers (including Ph.D. holders, M.D. residents and M.D. clinical fellows).
  • Our diverse Postdoc Society brings together interdisciplinary scholars from across the university to share interests and ideas. 
  • Postdocs in ChEM-H-affiliated labs across the university, come together annually for the Postdoc Retreat to share their current research, meet potential collaborators, and learn from faculty mentors.
Photo of Deadly Constellations
Postdoc Trainees in the News

ChEM-H seed grant sparks postdoc collaboration in cell death

Funding from Sarafan ChEM-H brought postdoctoral scholars Jennifer Cao and Cole Dovey closer to understanding the different ways cells self-destruct.