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Faculty Recruitment

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Recruitment Philosophy

A key priority for Sarafan ChEM-H is to recruit and retain exceptional senior and junior faculty to our growing community of faculty fellows. Thus far, ChEM-H has recruited and hired, in conjunction with partner departments in the School of Engineering, Medicine, and Humanities and Sciences, 17 new Institute Scholars, at the senior and junior levels

At the junior/untenured level, ChEM-H is taking that broadest possible approach to faculty recruitment. We consider applicants knowledgeable in any frontier area of research at the interface between chemistry, biology, engineering, and medicine. Applicants are simply required to have earned a Ph.D. or M.D. degree in any discipline of science, engineering or medicine. In general, we give higher priority to the overall originality and promise of the candidate's work than to the sub-area of specialization. To reflect the breadth of our applicant pool, we establish a diverse faculty search committee consisting of ChEM-H faculty fellows representing the Schools of Humanities and Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The successful candidate in each search will be hired in partnership with and have their primary appointment in a department within one of these schools. Our goal each year is to find a candidate who will be a successful and productive member of their home department and who will also stimulate interdisciplinary interactions across the ChEM-H community.

At the senior/tenured level, ChEM-H is taking a more focused approach to recruitment, targeting faculty with departmental partners to strategically fill gaps in our existing community with faculty recruits whose research is aligned with the ChEM-H mission.

Get to know our Institute Scholars

The Sarafan ChEM-H Institute Scholars work interface of chemistry, engineering, and medicine to advance human health