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Photo of a Knowledge Center

ChEM-H Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers foster the cross-pollination of ideas and specialties among scientists via access to technologies, services and equipment, expertise, and hands-on training.

Knowledge Centers

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To foster the cross-pollination of ideas and specialties, ChEM-H launched a series of "Knowledge Centers" that include the Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge Center (synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry), the Macromolecular Structure Knowledge Center (protein production, purification, crystallization, structure determination, access to SLAC resources), the Metabolomics Knowledge Center (targeted or untargeted metabolomics analysis, lipidomic analysis and flux analysis using LC/MS or LC/MS/MS), and the High-Throughput Screening Knowledge Center.

The Knowledge Centers provide access to a combination of enabling technologies, services and equipment, expertise, and hands-on training by key senior researcher staff to help scientists engage in research at the interface of chemistry and human biology.

Bringing together basic and applied science to advance discovery

“As physician, I see patients everyday who need specific treatments. As a scientist, I make small advances and discoveries that could one day lead to something. The problem is that those two things are so far apart. I needed chemistry to connect them.”

- Justin Annes, Assistant Professor of Medicine

“When I worked at a pharmaceutical company, I had to find out about the disease through a business consultant. Here I get to understand directly from a physician, what does the patient need?”

- Mark Smith, Head, Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge Center